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registration opened
march 1st

WKYC has moved to a new registration platform called Campwise, which means families will need to create a new account on our new system regardless of how long their campers have attended. Click below to learn about this change and what that means for enrolling your camper. 

Registration links went live March 1st at 8:30 a.m. for all sessions.

Support our


What's a good night's sleep worth? 

For just $150, you can sponsor 1 new mattress and a week's worth of sleep for your favorite camper or staff member! 

Help us reach our goal of $30,000 for new mattresses in our girl and staff cabins. Your gift would help us unlock a challenge grant of $5,000. 


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Welcome to Your Best Summer

Welcome to Your Best Summer


The best summer

of your life

We're building strong Christians through Christ-centered community. Come join the fun! The most amazing summer is just a click away.

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summer sessions
& Retreats

Come to be refreshed, renewed, and grow closer to God and each other

Build Strong Christians

WKYC is a year-round destination for families and congregations looking to build strong Christians. We offer a beautiful, rustic property nestled in the rural hills of Marion, KY where important things happen in the lives of our campers and staff. Cut through the clutter of the modern world and engage the Gospel like never before when you sign up for our WKYC-sponsored summer sessions, or host a retreat for your group. 

A tradition Like No Other

The WKYC experience is exceptional, because our summer sessions are operated by more than 500 volunteer staff each year! The cornerstone of our camp culture is relational: we believe that building strong Christians requires deep and transformative relationships with campers and staff who eventually serve as lifelong friends and mentors. We also believe in cultivating the most formative relationship of all: that between the camper and Christ. For campers and staff alike, WKYC is a gift that they want to see endure and passed down from generation to generation. 


1 / Wake Up Call 

2 / Flag Pole

3 / Breakfast

4 / Bible Study Class 1

5 / Morning Chapel

6 / Bible Study Class 2

7 / Lunch

8 / Afternoon Activities

9 / Dinner

10 / Evening Devotional 

11 / Nighttime Activity 

12 / Lights Out


Will you join us?

Registering for camp is easy! 

Experience community, connection, and Christ to the fullest this summer with an amazing network that cares about your camper's journey to stronger faith. 

Our CAmpers Say

My favorite thing about WKYC is getting to be surrounded by my church family all week. It’s like a glimpse of what heaven will be like someday and you get to grow close and make friendships with all of the people around you. 

Sadie Holland, Camper

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