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Online Registration

Common Questions

1. What platform do I use to register my child for camp?

WKYC has transitioned to a new registration platform called Campwise. 

Campwise allows WKYC to house registration and donor information as well as electronic communications on one platform. Both registration payments and donations can be processed directly through Campwise. 

Previously, multiple channels have been used to manage these different functions. 

Visit this link to register: Http://

2. Can I use my same username and password from last year?

All registrants must have a profile created through Campwise, which is our new registration platform. Parents and guardians are welcome to bring over the same login information from last year, but a new profile must be created to register. 

3. Are there special registration instructions for parents who also donate to camp?

Most of our donors have already been imported into the Campwise system. If you donate to camp and are also a parent/guardian of a camper, you currently have a Campwise profile and will need a temporary password from WKYC. Campwise will not allow an individual to create multiple profiles using the same email address. 


Please reach out to us directly at or call Campwise support at 866-433-4548 if you need us to create a temporary password for you in order to gain access to an existing profile. 

4. When does registration open?

Registration will open online on March 1st at 8:30 a.m. Parents or guardians can register using links provided on March 1st. 

5. I need help with the registration process. Who do I contact?

Campwise staff will be on-call during normal business hours from 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. EST to assist families with the registration process. 

For registration support, please call Campwise directly at 866-433-4548. 

6. How do I register for Pee Wee Weekend?

To register for Pee Wee Weekend, a parent or guardian is required to attend with their camper. To register your camper for this session, create an online profile and add your camper to that profile. You will also need to make yourself or a designated parent/guardian a "camper" on your profile and register that individual, too. There will be instructions prompting you to do this as you begin the registration process. An adult needs to be added as a "camper" along with the child for this session before checking out. 

7. Could you explain the fee structure for WKYC?

Tuition for one week of overnight camp costs $250.00 before tax. The state of Kentucky is requiring all camps and conference centers regardless of religious affiliation to pay two taxes on registration: a 1% Transient Tax fee, from which no one is exempt, as well as a 6% sales tax fee. If a church has a tax exemption form with the state of Kentucky on file with WKYC, that 501(c)(3) organization will be exempt from the sales tax only.

Tuition for Pee Wee Weekend costs $60.00 per camper and $60.00 per parent/guardian before tax. One parent or guardian is required to attend Pee Wee Weekend with their camper. 

There is a $50.00 non-refundable deposit required to register your camper and guarantee them a spot in their desired session. Should you cancel your camper's registration, the $50 will serve as the cancellation fee and will not be refunded. However, any amount greater than $50 paid toward the balance will be refunded should you decide to cancel your camper's registration. 

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